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sad anime soundtracks

Today was a very depressing day….. Today was the funeral of my grandfather’s younger brother. I felt terrible even though i didn’t cry. It really made me realize how frail human lives are…………All the tears and cries really got to me. Hope his soul reaches heaven…… 😥

So i thought……Why not make today’s theme something depressing…….

When you are in a sad mood, a depressing song always deepens the effect…..

So i present to you some sad anime soundtracks……


ANGEL BEATS – Ichiban No Takaramono

All songs of angel beats are very sad and depressing yet so awfully beautiful…. but this song has a very very touching feeling to it, especially when you know the backstories of many characters.


BLEACH – Here to stay, Soundscape To Ardor, Will Of The Heart….

Bleach is an action anime. But i don’t know why but it has many sad soundtracks, i think it might be because the concept of bleach is about death and afterlife and stuff like that……


INUYASHA –  Kaoru Wada , Futari No Kimochi, Kagome’s Theme

Inuyasha’s story is very deep and sad. that is also the reason for the sad songs in it. It also brings a very nostalgic feeling….


LETTER BEE – Hatenaki Michi, Kioku no Kakera

The story is very sad and depressing and the endings just add to it…

FAIRY TAIL – Fairy tail main theme slow version

To know that despite being a happy anime, FT has many sad soundtracks because of the sad pasts of many characters…………





SO SORRY……………….. 😦










What if anime fans rule the world????

Ha! that would be just awesome although it would (never ever ever ever)X infinity times,happen 😥


But, my dear friends, think about it! it is pretty much fun to imagine what all would happen in a world conquered by anime fans.

Here’s what I think:


Certainly, that would be fun for us anime fans, but what about the non fans?? At least, we anime fans wouldn’t have to ask someone whether they know what anime is…..*sigh* I am fed up of asking that question. When i ask someone, “hey! do you like anime?” and the other person be like what is that????



I don’t think there would be anything else particularly than anime in television. That would be a part of making anime compulsory too.

Me: “What’s on T.V??”

Me: “Oh! attack on titan on ‘channel 1’, nice.”

Me: “Oh! kuroko no basket on ‘channel 2’, good.”

Me: “Oh no! boku no pico on ‘channel pervert’, not good”

Me: ” Wonder what’s the news….”

News reporter: “BREAKING NEWS! all new anime released.”

News reporter: “BREAKING NEWS! retarded titan killed by angry Levi!

Me: “……………………………………………….”



All books would be turned into manga. Suppose you want the harry potter series, of course you would have to read the manga version of harry potter. It won’t be that bad, right?



Anime fans would always prefer to say ‘baka’ than ‘idiot’ and ‘arigatou’ than ‘thanks’.tumblr_mj35y5dNpS1qmkpzlo1_500.gif



Because it is more fun and preferable.

 Child : “Sing..me… a lullaby, mommy…”

Mom: “sie sind das essen und                                                                                                                                      wir sind die jaeger” (Attack On Titan theme)



Before it used to be we, anime fans who were weird. But as it is conquered by anime fans, it would turn opposite.

Me: “Hey! have you watched Naruto?”

Random guy: “I don’t like anime.”

Me: “You are weird.”

Random guy: “I know…..”



Filling the world up with beautiful anime posters would turn it into a paradise, won’t it(not really)




Oceans would be filled with good pirates, the problem is that almost all of them are named Luffy. Ninja schools would be very popular, and students will happily go to school. 3DMG would be a very common weapon. Be sure to protect your nape! Ghost and aliens would be pretty normal ’cause anime fans are pretty much used to seeing them and liking them.




Pop singers, actors? who are they??  People would rush to see a Mangaka. They are important persons who shape the world, right?



That would be bad, but anime fans can understand reasons for skipping school.

Random guy: “Hey! why did you let the kid skip class?”

Teacher: “There’s probably a hollow/some kind of evil power wandering around. The kid has to save the world :p ”




That’s completely natural. What’s wrong in naming everything after your favorite anime characters. Totally awesome!

Person # 1: “Hey Eren, have you seen Ichigo?”

Person # 2: “No, but i saw Levi, Naruto and Goku going that way.”



It was pretty fun to imagine a place ruled by anime fans. Even though it was fun, such a world would be very bad. Lets enjoy our world as it is…… 🙂

Wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts…………………1459835678-90acd761a953574b7eca4727bf037348.jpeg

My favorite anime

what’s my favorite anime?that’s a hard question..a-thinking_azusa-800107

but I would love to answer it 🙂


I’ll tell my top 5 fav anime list

At 5th place is : IT’S A TIE – FREE! AND HYOUKA

hyouka010 (1)

a scene from hyouka


You guys might be wondering why I chose hyouka as my fifth favorite anime….I saw hyouka in animax but I couldn’t complete it because animax just vanished from my tv 😥

Oh God that memory makes me want to cry. That was the worst day in my life. After that I begged my mom for internet and I entered the illustrious world of anime. I decided to complete hyouka as I found it quite interesting.

Hyouka is a blend of slice of life and mystery. It creates a very interesting atmosphere. The main protagonist Oreki Houtarou is very energy-conservative, he is very lazy even though he is talented. Well, I was attracted to the anime mainly because of Oreki’s behavior. I can totally relate myself to him.


oreki and his famous motto

The arrival of Eru Chitanda – the curious girl is the main feature of the story. She motivates Oreki to reveal the truth behind many mysteries. Truth be said Chitanda and her famous line with her glowing-cute eyes ,”I’ m curious!” is what I consider as the ‘lifeline’ of the anime(pardon me if I sound stupid).By the way, Chitanda is too cute!7178067 tumblr_m7ou71uzqt1rvi1zto1_500


Even though I’ m saying Chitanda is the driving force for the investigation, I cannot ignore the other two main characters-the stern  Mayaka Ibara and very knowledgeable Satoshi Fukube because they also play a major role in motivating Oreki.


Mayaka Ibara


Satoshi Fukube

The four members join together at the classics club and deal with a variety of mysteries driving us into a state of curiousness similar to what Chitanda has.

The main reason for me liking this anime is the curiousness I experienced. It is similar to that of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes but slightly less complicated. The blend of mystery into a school atmosphere is also a notable feature. These are the reasons I state for me placing this anime at fifth  position. Aah I forgot to mention the art. It’s mind-blowing. as an artist, I must say that hyouka has a very creative and artistic touch in its animation. In fact, hyouka makes us think and wonder how the mystery unravels.



The thought of free! brings in my mind the picture of water, that thought is a great relief in this unbearable summer. I like sports, especially football. I’m more  interested in watching the games than playing since I’m not so athletic…. But I’m not a big fan of swimming. I don’t know why but when I heard about free! from someone in google plus, I thought why not watch it? and oh god I loved it! free gave me the inspiration to learn swimming but after the first day of the swimming, I gave up swimming 😛 ……615323

Free is the story of a group of boys – Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Rin Matsuoka and  Nagisa Hazuki. Before graduating from elementary school, the four boys went on a swimming tournament and achieved victory ,after that they went separate ways. Later, during high school Haruka is challenged by Rin suddenly and Haruka gathers Nagisa, Makoto and a new member Rei to form the Iwatobi swim club to defeat Rin.

So what’s special about free? The best feature of free! and its sequel free! eternal summer is the power of friendship. That one swimming competition united the minds of the four boys and it evolved into an everlasting unbreakable bond of friendship through swimming even though they were separated. Even though Rin and Haruka turned into rivals, we can see that they still cherish the friendship and at the end  holds close those beautiful memories together.

Free also tells us that teamwork is important! HELL YEAH IT IStumblr_n89hip83Qw1sg0ygjo1_500.gif

Another important feature is the passion seen in Haruka for swimming. He loves to be in water always. That passion is his power.We can see a burning passion in Haruka’s eyes. It’s a great lesson for those who thrive for success. Passion is a necessary factor. Actually, I don’t really know why i m this attached to free. It brings forth a different dimension to the idea of swimming.Ihe art is also cool and splendid.

Also, is it only me…or why do i feel like Oreki from Hyouka and Haruka from Free are a bit alike?



At 4th place : FAIRY TAIL

I started watching fairy tail when I was 10 years old. I got addicted to it. Fairy tail is just awesome.arjw8wqvwnihalb6fq3k.png

It is the story of a girl – Lucy Heartfilia who ran away from home in pursuit of being a wizard at a guild called fairy tail and she encounters Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragon slayer trained by a dragon called Igneel who takes her to fairy tail in magnolia where members do quests to earn money. The fairy tail members turn into a family and together faces problems with one heart. It is truly a story of cooperation and friendship.Gray-F-ansd-Natsu-D-GIF-Fairy-Tail-anime-32831240-400-221_large.gif

Fairy tail is just awesome. Epic battles and really funny jokes frame it into a masterpiece. But what makes fairy tail very good is the feeling of oneness,formation of a family among the members and their care for each other. Tenrou_Team_returns.jpgAlso, this anime is a blend of adventure, supernatural, shounen, action and comedy. As a big fan of shounen and adventure this anime doesn’t really need a valuable reason to be a favorite. It is a work beyond words. I don’t know how to explain. And i also think it has a lot of plot twists.It’s a big and beautiful story. But i prefer the first few arcs more though.311015.jpg

I forgot to mention about the opening and ending themes. All of them are epic.Various_Artists_-_Fairy_Tail_Opening_&_Ending_Themes_Vol.1.jpgtumblr_inline_nqtrf4mn241tog9bj_500.gif



At 3rd position : ANGEL BEATS 😥

I saw some pictures about angel beats in google plus and wondered what it was about. So i checked it out. I am not usually the emotional type. I never cry, but angel beats made me cry. The first ever anime that made me cry. I cried for many days. Somehow the tears and the pain didn’t end. It wasn’t that sad either but it certainly had an unusual feel to make someone cry. DAMN, THE FEELS……………..670px-11_0112angel_beats0097.jpg

Angel beats is a story set in the afterlife. A very rare and new concept. Yuzuru Otonashi wakes up to find that he is dead and is in the afterlife. He could only remember his name. Yuri Nakamura a.k.a Yurippe took him to her team called afterlife battlefront to battle against the Tenshi. But Otonashi soon finds out that Tenshi is just an ordinary girl by the name Kanade Tachibana and is not evil. The afterlife is a place where the ones who couldn’t get satisfaction from their lives arrived. Angel beats is a must watch anime. I don’t feel like revealing about the anime much. It should be a suspense. That is the fun.tumblr_mi11rie1lt1rfj82jo2_500_by_megableachy-d6fhr4j.gif

When you watch the first episode you get a completely different opinion about it. We might think it is an action adventure packed anime filled with comedy. But only when we reach the end we will realize the hidden drama and pain in it. The backstories of the characters are the most emotional. The backstories of Yui, Iwasawa, Hinata, Naoi cut deep into our feelings. The backstory of Otonashi was the most touching one. And that was also why i cried. It is an anime offering mixed feelings. 509311.jpg

Otonashi’s backstory is really an inspiration to do good and to help others and to lead a happy life without regret.Iwasawa-angel-beats-32809266-500-280.gif

The only reason this anime is in the 3rd place is because it has very few episodes compared to the vast plot. If it had more episodes,surely this would have been my 2nd favorite. Angel beats is truly a masterpiece and it is a must watch anime. Iwasawa-Angel-Beats-angel-beats-masami-isawasa-32736143-500-254.gif

You cannot ignore the soundtracks. It’s too sad and melodious.And the animation is also worth mentioning. i love angel beats!!! do u?

watch these…. 😥

Angel beats ending theme short version :

Angel beats ending full version :

Angel beats ichiban no takaramono yui final version :



2nd place goes to: ATTACK ON TITAN619381.jpg


This anime should be called anime of epicness!!! oh my god it was just so awesome!!!!!

It has received the popularity it deserved ’cause i don’t know, AOT is beyond epicness.

It is the terrifying story where humankind are slaughtered by human eating creatures- titans and are forced to live inside walls.However when mankind found safety inside the walls, one fateful day it was all shattered by a colossal titan who destroyed the outer wall and led the other titans in devouring humans. The main protagonist Eren Yeager, along with his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert goes through the painful sight of watching their home conquered by titans and Eren has to even see the intolerable sight of his mother being eaten. This leads to an immense conviction in the minds of the three and they join the survey corps to kill all titans outside the wall. This story of hate, vengeance, tragedy, horror and drama gives us a scary and a different experience.644394.jpg

This is the sole reason for me liking attack on titan a.k.a shingeki no kyojin. The opening theme is the most bad ass song I have ever heard. This story is an whole new concept and I would say that people definitely enjoys apocalyptic stories, that is one reason why this was a great success. Also, i have to point out the will power and determination of characters and finger biting experiences the story has. Another factor for me liking this anime is the character Levi Ackerman. despite not being a main character Levi succeeds in catching the attention and admiration of people. The insanely bad ass fights of Levi against the titans is a breathtaking experience.


Levi and his awesomeness

The animation is also super awesome.

In other words, attack on titan is a masterpiece of epicness.




Special mentions : There are a few anime I love but couldn’t find place in this list.

MAID SAMA – My fav romance anime.


Usui and Misaki in Maid Sama

MEKAKUCITY ACTORS – Got me confused but i loved it.Mekakucity_actors_OP_daze


SKET DANCE – ROFL + sad truthywf4qg2nhtg6fu7jnqiz

NURA RISE OF THE YOKAI CLAN -The protagonist is awesome. He can be a demon at night and human in the morning. It is a great anime.Nura.Rikuo.(Youkai).600.282604

INUYASHA – gives me nostalgia.inuyasha

BEELZEBUB – laughter is a good medicine and this anime helped me get some.1449213472-58ace8fe5cc1688cfdc01ce15c12cfa7

HUNTER X HUNTER 2011 – Being a hunter is hard but it is awesome too. This anime surprised me with some bad ass battles.12231591

07 GHOST – This anime has a dark feel to it with an essence of military and fantasy brought together.o07_ghost_ch47_inmeliora.00

LETTER BEE – A very sad anime. The darkness gives an odd feeling. Shows the bitter truths of real life with a blend of some fantasy.Letter_bee_07



And the first place goes to……………….My favorite anime is……………………………….

Any guesses???…………………………….



Look at Ichigo…….damn……….

I first watched bleach when I was 10, and it was a filler episode. So i thought what the hell is this anime, I can’t understand a thing….The character Orihime Inoue gained my attention because of her cute looks. That was it, that was my first bleach experience and it didn’t mean much to me. I think, two years after that i saw the arc where orihime was kidnapped. And it had pretty awesome fights. I was like oh my God! This anime is epic!!! Soon bleach turned into my all time favorite anime. That feeling bleach gave me, it is……just……too awesome.

Bleach………What is special with it???Ichigo

Hmph  okay….Let me think……….

Bleach is the story of 15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo who had the unusual power to see ghosts and one day when a hollow attacks, a soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki comes and transfers her power to Ichigo and thus begins his adventure in protecting his family and friends from evil powers.

Bleach has many characters. And the art is awesome! There are many attractive characters and truth be said i have got a crush for like many characters! 283601Bleach-bleach-anime-33457870-1600-1039

It’s not the story, but the concept of Soul reapers, Hollows and Quincies that attracted me. The characters have unique personalities. The story is also worth a praise although it is widely criticized as a story of repeated arcs of same plot. It is true, but somehow that doesn’t make bleach boring to me. At the first arc Rukia gets kidnapped,and the next arc, Orihime gets kidnapped.

People say that bleach is highly overrated. Hell no! Bleach deserves the popularity it has. Even the fillers are enjoyable. What’s wrong with fillers? Unlike other anime, the characters in bleach are very likable. The protagonist Ichigo is the highlight. His protective mentality is very good. Not to mention how mature and caring he is. Ichigo’s personality has a resemblance to mine. His mind is place of conflicts. Somehow Ichigo seems very awesome to me.

Another character to be mentioned is the main antagonist, Aizen. He is the best villain ever! His power to manipulate is epic. And he has swag!


Aizen………*screams omg!*

There are more characters like Grimmjow, Inoue, Byakuya, Toshiro, Yoruichi, Urahara, Shinji etc that i love. maxresdefault (2).jpg

If i am a hardcore bleach fan, the root of it was created when i saw the past arc where the story of betrayal and manipulation done by Aizen to his fellow members through hollowfication and the innocent and helping mentality of Urahara is revealed. tumblr_mxlrc1IHyu1rtybqdo9_500

i can never ignore the animation and soundtracks. bleach has 15 openings and 30 endings and all of them are beautiful and dear to me.bleach1iVizard_and_Gotei13_protects_Ichigo

The fights, plots and backstories + plot twists and trolls offered in this anime is worth mentioning. If you watch this anime, you will love all of the characters.t_6bc920b96ec54ca29bdc920eab0b1a60

The jokes are also very funny. Even though it is an action packed fantasy anime there are comedies most of the time. The omake is very funny. Even though romance is not seen in this anime, there are small hints to it in some places. The main attraction is that Ichigo is shipped with Rukia and Orihime and it opens up a battle between the ship supporters. I ship ichihime by the way

I am someone who loves weapons and swords especially. Soul reapers in bleach have swords and unique powers. I have to mention the sword transformations like shikai, bankai for Soul reapers ,resurrection, release for Arrancars  and Volstandig for Quincies. in all ways bleach is awesome. No arguments. Many people say that bleach is boring and overrated but i think it is according to the person that likes and dislikes happen. In my case, bleach is the best anime ever with no flaws and beautiful presentation282822Kurosaki-Ichigo Bankai-HD-Wallpaper.jpg

Don’t forget to watch these:




13 reasons why anime is good for us.

Is anime good????!!!


There is only one answer for it.YES!
wondering why?

Here are the reasons:

Anime gives us another world.
People might think it is bad to go in an imaginary world. But think about it. When the real life knocks you down you can always forget about it and drift into the world of anime. It can shockingly relieve you from the pain. It helps more if you have comedy in your world.


Anime enhances our imaginative skills!
I am someone who watches anime from a very young age. I could imagine things others could never even dream of. My story writing skills were much advanced than the other kids. When other kids thought about mickey mouse, Cinderella etc, i thought about time travelling girls, half demons, alchemists and so.


Anime gives us an inspiration to draw.
This might not be practical for everyone but in my case it is true.
After watching anime i was inspired to draw it. I tried to draw kagome and inuyasha when i was 6! It definitely helped me develop my drawing skills.


Anime makes us want to travel abroad.
By abroad i mean Japan. It is true most anime fans dream to go to Japan.


Anime helps us to learn languages.
I think my English skills grew thanks to anime. Not only English but anime teaches us Japanese too.

Anime fans know psychology.
Yeah. We anime fans know a lot about stereotypes. We know how to classify certain people as tsundere, himedere, kuudere etc…
So cant i say we know psychology?

Anime teaches us good values.
Most anime has a hidden good value. The most common value is the importance of good friendship. There are more values. It inspires us to cherish those values.

Anime inspires reading.
I mean that when someone loves anime they will get into manga too.

Anime inspires us to act or dress up.
Anime fans love to cosplay.

maxresdefault (1)

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama cosplay

Anime brings up a certain chemistry between people.
Not between normal people. It is only applicable among otakus.
You can always see that anime fans get along well. There is a certain bond between them.

Anime introduces a new culture to us.
Anime introduces Japanese culture and otaku culture to us. Knowing new cultures is definitely good.

Anime gives us hope.
This might sound weird but i will still say it. Each day or week a new anime gets released. That is what gives us hope. We would surely hope that a good anime gets released or something exciting happens in an anime. Even though there is no chance bleach anime is going to return, i still hope it comes back. Also, it has been two years since I’ve been waiting for attack on titan season 2 , likewise anime gives us hope.

Anime makes us happy
I think this is the most important thing. Anime gives us happiness. What’s more important than happiness???? Don’t you too feel light with happiness after watching an exciting episode?

So, these are all I could think of now. Do you guys think that anime is good for us in any other way?? Be sure to express it in the comment boxes below! I’m surely waiting for your valuable thoughts.untitled

why we love anime

Damn, this is a hard question. but i m sure each otaku out there has an answer to it.So as a hardcore anime fan a.k.a otaku, I’ll tell why i love anime!large

Anime is Japanese animation for all those who don’t know. To tell the truth it is worlds apart from cartoons which aim at kids. anime aims at the teens and adults. The-difference-of-Anime-and-Cartoon-people-random-9076220-752-513

According to me, the best feature of anime is its combined and beautiful presentation of special and unpredictable stories in a different and beautiful way. I can’t explain more. It is beyond words. Most anime are adaptations of manga a.k.a Japanese comics.


a page of the famous manga Naruto

The most significant or typical art style in anime is making the eyes very big and sparkly with a pointed-chin face. It is very attractive.


a typical anime girl

There are many genres in anime such as shounen, supernatural, tragedy, comedy, yaoi, yuri, sports etc. each genre has its own beauty and significance.

I don’t know why but anime has a special power to touch us in a specific way. I remember the times when i used to daydream about the anime day and night. It’s like a drug. anime is so addictive if you can understand its pulse.3af770e21c394660aedc0b837ae71645

So i ll say anime is more like a sensation than a form of entertainment. That might be why WE LOVE ANIME!



And i forgot something………..

thank you all for reading my blog ❤ 😀thank_you__by_puniuu-d8jzhde